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3 Things to know about crystal chandeliers before you make a purchase

1. Did you know that most gold or polished chrome finishes on a chandelier would tarnish in less than 3 years if it is not done correctly?

Yes that’s right! They will tarnish and corrode if the metal is not brass or steel and the plating is not done properly. So what makes brass or steel more durable than iron for example? It is the properties of the brass that makes it the number 1 choice for high quality lighting fixtures. Brass is also relatively easier to do casting so allows the manufacturer to make ornate chandeliers with cast brass arms. Brass also offers better durability and long lasting finish if it is gold plated and lacquered.

2. How to know if the chandelier you like is made of brass?

It is easy to test; Get a small piece of magnet and hold it to the metal, if the magnet doesn’t stick then you have a solid brass, if the magnet sticks then you have a brass plated metal not solid brass. Could be iron or some other metals type.















3. What kind of crystals are used on chandeliers?

Did you know that the highest lead content in a crystal is about 30-32%? Yes, only 30-32% which is also known as the full lead crystal in the market today. Along with the full lead cut crystals, there are few other options such as , mwp wood polished crystals, italian molded crystal, hand-cut (various % of lead) depends on the origin of the crystal. Also available is the lead free crystals basically crystal has no lead content inside but offers high color refractions due to highly polished facets.

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