Traditional Chandeliers for Your Elegant Home Interiors

Traditional chandeliers are perfect for homes decorated in classic or Victorian styles. Featuring intricate designs and ornate craftsmanship, these elegant light fixtures bring a bit of the old-world charm to the home décor. Traditional chandeliers generally feature metal arms with crystal or glass shades and pendants.

Manor 5-Light Chandelier

Designed in early American style, this five-light chandelier will look great in a traditional dining room. The chandelier design features curved arms and upturned lamp shades arranged in a single tier. The oil-rubbed bronze finish enhances its looks.

Builder Basics 3-Light Chandelier

Featuring three downturned lamp shades, this chandelier looks simple and elegant. Perfect for a small kitchen or dining room, this light fixture features a cylindrical rod in the center from which the arms arise.

Elegante 3-Light Chandelier

This chandelier design has a single tier of three candle-shaped lamps fixed on arched arms that rise from the base of the center rod. Vines with decorative leaves and crystals wrap around the chandelier arms to create a garden-like effect.

Retrofit Drum 28″ Shade in Silver

If your room is decorated in the retro style, then this Retrofit Drum will be a perfect choice. The drum shade softens the intensity of light to create a soothing ambience and the hanging crystals add a touch of sparkle to the light.

Builder Basics 5-Light Chandelier

This old-fashioned chandelier is designed to look like candelabra. The center rod is elaborately carved in spheres and ovals and five S-shaped arms arise from it to end with a plate each that holds candle-shaped lamps. You can install this beautiful chandelier in the dining room or living room.

Via Roma Three-light Chandelier

Designed in Mediterranean style, this chandelier features intricately carved arms and downturned lamp shades in soft vanilla glass. The classic Greek bronze finish adds a sophisticated touch to the light fixture. This chandelier will look great in a living room or entrance way.

Hand-forged Iron Chandelier

Featuring a traditional oxide brown finish, this iron chandelier blends well with traditional decors. Curved arms that arise from the center rod end with cups that hold candle-shaped lamps.

Grove 3-Light Chandelier

Bring the beauty of the garden into your home with this charming chandelier. Featuring oil rubbed bronze leaves, crystal drops, and faux wax candles, this three-light chandelier is sure to be the cynosure of all eyes.

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